Over the last couple of months, I’ve learned so much about blogging. It’s taught me the ins and outs of how to curate a good great post. I also loved the different topics we got to write about. It challenged my mind and helped me dig deeper into the blog  and Public Relations world. Digital PR has by far been one of my favorite classes because it’s allowed me to get creative with all social sites and websites that I love.

My favorite thing we learned and talked about was SEO. The whole world of Search Engine Optimization is endless but I never really understood the concept. I also had a hard time understanding why SEO is so important and how to strategically create your post to get the most SEO possible. Between our book, our professor, and the internet I have a great understanding on what it exactly is and I can’t wait to continue blogging and further my SEO skills.

Blogging is something I genuinely enjoy. I love to write and having a space where you can talk about anything you want is really neat. It’s a wonderful creative outlet that allows me to zone out of life and daydream. I love reading and looking back at old posts too. I’ve always thought my writing was average but I’m eager to learn more and continue my writing skills because I just love it.

Creating and writing blogs is one of the many reasons why I love Public Relations. Even working for a small PR firm in the area, it allows me to write blogs for a few of our clients and it’s so fun for me. Others don’t always get that much joy out of writing but for me, blogging is so exciting and something I will continue to do.





Over the summer I did PR branding in a class for Chimy’s. We analyzed their following and created a whole guide for increasing social media and sales for them. Chimy’s is a Lubbock hotspot but it can always improve. When explaining to the owner of Chimy’s this would be what I would pitch as far as the GOST model:

A KPI for Chimy’s would be lunch hour attendance. Lunch hour can be popular at times with business’ but Chimy’s is looking to increase their sales and number of people at lunch time. An objective for this would be increase attendance M-F at lunch hour by 50% in 2018. This will be measured by sales and number of tables available. As far as tactics, Chimy’s will hold a lunch special with one free drink. This promotion will be announced on all social media two times a day. There will also be a newsletter sent out featuring more specials to those who are signed up. If our objectives are met, we can determine that social media worked or did not by counting how many people came in to show us our social pages, which would be how they can get our different specials.

Overall, Chimy’s already has a great attendance because of it’s strong word-of-mouth. It’s a hot-spot in Lubbock but every business can always grow more. If Chimy’s could bring in more sales during lunch this could potentially give more hours to employees. Chimy’s needs to grow their social media further and promote it’s fun/special atmosphere to more in Lubbock than those in college. Many people often think of Chimy’s as just a happy hour spot or weekend hangout but Chimy’s could re-vamp the menu and offer some great deals for lunch to convince people it’s worthwhile to bring brand meetings to a more relaxed environment.

What are Social Media Templates?


Social media is a large factor in a company’s work. It has the power to grow a brand and its sales. Staying on top of social media can be an easy factor to push to the side or not see its significance. Although, most smart social media influencers or brands that take social sites seriously, have templates to keep up their momentum each and every day.

There are many templates you can work with within social media. Maybe you just need a template to plan monthly strategy on all channels? You can create one for that. You can create your business and social goals for the month along with a game plan for each social channel you want to stay on top of. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to social media but you should aim to upload 2-4 times a day on Instagram, 3-6 times on Facebook each day, and 5-10 tweets on Twitter a day.

Some other template ideas include:

  • Social media audit
  • Editorial Calendar content
  • Social media content
  • Bulk upload template
  • Social media image sizes
  • Social media analytics report

I gathered all of this knowledge from Hootsuite which is a really great platform to read analytics and schedule social media content. It goes into detail about all the template options as well as social media image sizes.

Having templates for every category of social media is smart and allows you to stay on top of your schedule and allow people to invest in your brand. It also let’s people enjoy following you because people gravitate towards consistency within brand imaging/text and consistent daily social media uploads.

When starting a business or if you already have one, it seems like creating social templates for yourself can only help you succeed further. Templates are all about strategy which every business whether big or small needs. Without strategy and consistency, it’s hard for a business to grow and meet goals they want.

Online Influence


Online influence is the new era. Brands have put so much money and time into this new way to get their name out there. Companies are no longer endorsing celebrities to talk about their products, they are looking to influencers large and small to take over their online influence.

Most of our worlds revolve around our phones. Everyone now-a-days are texting, talking, or posting to Facebook. This is the world we live in now. Technology is so fascinating and is evolving each and every day. Social media has become incredibly powerful and offers normal human beings an opportunity at having an influence.

I personally don’t keep up with ads, news, etc. But if my favorite blogger uploads a makeup product she likes, you bet I’m buying it. Or if a friend who has hair I’m obsessed with uploads a hair product she says she uses, I’m purchasing it. Brands realize that micro and macro influencers have power and can easily persuade others to try things they enjoy. THIS is the new technique brands are using to grow their name and get their product out to the public.

As far as what the future holds with online influence, it’s hard to tell. It’s going to continue to change but it’s scary to think how serious online influence could become. Like the show Nosedive from Black Mirror, everyones lives depended on their influence score. Their jobs, friends, everything depended on a number. Could this be our future? I love how powerful influence can be and how attainable it CAN be if you want it. But I do like that it’s a choice. You can choose to focus on your influence and grow your following but if you don’t care about it, you don’t have to care. You don’t have to have a social media presence to be successful in your life with family and a career.

It’s interesting to think about what could become of social media and online influence. Social media is changing every day but one can only hope that the sanity of our humanity doesn’t completely turn totally obsessed with numbers and an online presence.

5 Tips To SEO



Learning and understanding SEO is crucial to a website or blog’s success. To start, SEO is short for search engine optimization. The textbook, Online Reputation For Dummies, defines SEO as the process of improving visibility of a website or web page in search engines’ regular search results. In my own thought process, SEO to me is the way your website or blog is written/ set-up in an organized and optimized way that allows google to understand it and rank it in search results. You want your page to rank high so that when people are searching for a specific thing, your page pops up first… or at least on the first page of results.

I’ve been playing around with SEO the last couple of years and feel like the whole process has been a learning game. Although, I’ve learned a lot and want to share my top 5 tips:

Tips to SEO:

  • Content Heavy: Google looks for rich posts. Meaning, blog posts with AT LEAST 300 words will rank better. Especially when they’re infused with keywords.
  • Keywords: Going on from the first tip, using 1-2 long tail keywords in your post will help your post rank better. Finding the best keywords to use can be done so through Keyword tools.
  • Organization: Like we have learned in class, organizing your post iS another important thing to know for the success of your website. Google can understand posts better when they are organized. Meaning, separated paragraphs instead of one big one, bulleted lists, internal linking, and h2 tags when necessary. Organizing the flow of your posts not only help the reader, but Google as well.
  • Title: Your title is actually VERY important to SEO. Your title should be to the point, not too short, and specifically descriptive to capture the eye yet not give too much away. Also make sure your title included your main keyword.
  • Optimized Photos: People and Google like images. It connects your writing more. When inserting an image, make sure it is not too large to slow the loading time of your site. This will help your post rank higher.

Those are my best tips. If you’re looking for a guide, Beginner’s Guide to SEO is really awesome for in-depth SEO knowledge, especially when you’re starting out. There’s so much to learn and perfect with SEO and I hope this class helps me really nail this topic down.


Listening and Engagement?


Through this class, I’ve begun realizing the importance of engaging and listening. When it comes to public relations, your clients are your business and their media success is what you take on. It’s important to always stay up to date on the latest trends, what their audience is liking/not liking, and interacting with similar brands and audiences through social media.

Being an active social media user, I’ve realized how much engagement matters. Everyone wants a lot of likes, comments, and link clicks. Engagement turns into interest which can turn into return on investment. I think this is extremely important for every brand, no matter what the category. Social media is powerful and it’s changing every day. As a PR person, learning the ins and outs of all social profiles and staying on top of what’s changing is crucial to you and your clients success.

While I was researching more info on the importance of listening and engaging, I came across this article that I thought was very interesting. This article gears more towards the specifics and importance of hashtags but I felt like it needed to be talked about. I often see huge results from hashtags for brands. I work at a local PR firm and run social media accounts and see how powerful hashtags can be. Sometimes they don’t work at all, but social media is all about trial and error.

Why are hashtags important?

Hashtags are the easiest way to engage. Like the article states, it “brings e-conversations together into one thread.” Hashtags are a way to find like-minded people and brands that are interested in the same things to engage with each other and listen/see what others are doing. It’s also powerful to follow hashtags during crisis’ to follow what’s going on.

I like that hashtags are pretty universal through all social media. Listening to what is going on and engaging with others online and in person can lead to results both you and your client will be pleased with.

Avon PR Manager

Avon_Logo_2The ultimate career goal with Public Relations is to take it in the beauty or fashion route. I am a girly girl and dream of working for places like Nordstrom or Sephora, doing their PR duties.

I came across one of my favorite beauty companies, Avon, on Glassdoor about a potential job opportunity as a Public Relations manager for their corporation in New York City. Avon is essentially looking for someone who can bring fresh ideas to their team.

There were many detailed duties described under responsibilities including:

  • Being able to fully manage and initiate strategic and creative planning of PR campaigns and projects
  • Create brand messaging and media responses
  • Manage product crisis/issues
  • Develop and elevate Avon’s storytelling the creating of branded content on the blog
  • Work with outside PR agencies
  • Propose new ideas
  • Work in partnership across all teams.

I was especially eager to learn more about managing product crisis, creating brand messaging, and creating media responses. When I did a long-tail keyword search, I found more details regarding these duties.

For the first, I looked it up in keyword tool to find what people search for the most is “product management crisis.” The details of this responsibility are that you need to know the precautions and how to handle a crisis with the company or a product. Sometimes, a complaint or issue may go viral and as a PR manager, you must know how to calmly handle this. The most recommended way is to tell the truth and deal with it as a team. If something like this happens for Avon, I would need to know how to get my team together to come up with truthful ideas to turn this story in our favor and make a positive outcome for our companies reputation.

Next, I searched “brand messaging public relations” to find many reputable articles explaining how PR messaging should be very distinct to define your brand. Working for Avon, I would need to create messaging that makes us memorable, distinguishes what we are as a brand as well as convince people we are more than a brand and to look at us as a lifestyle.

Lastly, Public Relations media responses keyword is “public relations response plan.” This goes hand in hand with management crisis but this goes further into knowing the steps for a communication plan. Including, having set responses for when a crisis happens. It’s typically known for 10 specific steps.

Applying for this job at Avon would mean a lot of hard work and dedication. Also, a passion for beauty and the brand is crucial to doing your best with this. I would expect many deadlines and research as well as curating new ideas and responses for this leading beauty company.


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